Mission (Why do we exist?) 
We ensure high levels of learning for ALL students.
Mission Mantra  
“Caswell is a Family That Learns”
Vision (What kind of school do we want to become?)
Our school is built to foster healthy relationships, for the purpose of student learning.  Our students and their learning needs are our number one priority. Caswell is designed to accommodate the learning needs of ALL of our students. We have structures and systems that are flexible, in order to achieve our mission.  Each staff member is on a high performing collaborative team that has norms, SMART goals, a guaranteed and viable curriculum, common formative assessments, and interventions. Our students’ results are celebrated and they are excited about their learning.
Collective Commitments (What behaviors must we commit to, in order to fulfill our vision?)
Administrative commitments
1. We support teachers with specific professional learning opportunities that support student achievement.
2. We seek evidence in order to support student and teacher needs.
3. We continuously improve our systems and programs to accommodate ALL students.

Staff commitments
1. We are continuously seeking new strategies that work.
2. We demonstrate courage through vulnerability in order to seek out best practices.
3. We have identified the essential standards and created short term SMART goals.
4. We model courtesy, respect, and compassion, while being positive/supportive to our students, parents, and families.                                             
5. We operate as a Professional Learning Community by sharing data and focusing on the four critical questions.

Schoolwide Goals (How will we measure and monitor our progress?)
1. Literacy Goal
2. To improve student achievement in language arts and math in each grade level as measured by performance on CAASPP by 8% growth.

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